HUMAN/NATURE at Lishui Photo Museum

I am thrilled to be included in the HUMAN/NATURE exhibition, which is now on view at the Photography Museum of Lishui. The exhibition examines the different ways that humans connect with, construct, or clash with elements of the natural world. Works by twenty-four artists were selected from photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 50 programming.
Curator: Laura Moya, Executive Director, Photolucida
Associate Curator: Isabella Wang, Lishui Photography Festival

Exhibiting Artists: Deb Achak, Debe Arlook, Thomas Georg Blank + Işık Kaya, Aaron Blum, Peter Bogaczewicz, Goseong Choi, David Ellingsen, Peter Essick, David Freese, Adriene Hughes, Serge J-F. Levy, Holly Lynton, Amanda Marchand, Diana Cheren Nygen, Stefan Petranek, Meg Roussos, Jennifer Shaw, Miranda Schmitz, Sara Silks, Noriko Takasugi, Amanda Tinker, Alex Turner, and Barry Underwood.
From the curatorial statement:
These photographic artists have captured and constructed landscapes to evoke heavy emotional metaphor, highlighted the tension between encroaching development and untouched landscape, and warned us of dire environmental effects caused by our relentless impact on the natural world. But there is optimism, too: perhaps trees can really talk to each other, desert landscapes can offer redemption, coyotes still run wild at night. Mankind and bees will continue to closely co-exist, and ancient cultural traditions honoring horses are still carried out over centuries despite natural disasters. All these photographic stories explore the complex relationship between humans and nature and no singular conclusion is clear – other than acknowledging we have the option to reshape our place in the world; we must decide for ourselves how we move through it.” – Laura Moya

HUMAN/NATURE debuted at the Lishui Museum of Art for the 2021 Lishui Photo Festival. The international photography celebration is held in Lishui, a city in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, China. The current exhibition will remain on view through September 15, 2022.