Enlighten at Griffin Museum

Shootapalooza | A Murmuration of Artists

Griffin Museum of Photography
September 5 – October 2, 2022

I’m honored to have my work included in an exhibition at the Griffin Museum in Winchester, Massachusetts. Enlighten showcases a collective of photographers who actively work in alternative processes. Known as Shootapalooza, the “murmuration of artists” was founded by the late photographer Judy Sherrod. Curated by Crista Dix, director of the Griffin, the exhibition highlights the diversity of craft, and unique perspectives of each of its members, and celebrates the art of photography.

Featured artists: Aline Smithson, Amanda Smith, Amy Jasek, Angela Johnson, Anne Berry, Ann George, Anne Connor, Aubrey Guthrie, Carolyn Knorr, Cecilia Broder, Christa Blackwood, DB Waltrip, Diane Fenster, Donna Moore, DorRae Stevens, Ellie Ivanova, Fran Forman, S. Gayle Stevens, Gina Costa, Ingrid Lundquist, Jane Fulton Alt, Jackie Stoken, Jennifer Shaw, Justin Bitner, Kevin James Tully, Kimberly Chiaris, Ky Lewis, Laura Husar Garcia, Liese Ricketts, Marcy Palmer, Marti Corn, Melanie Walker, Patricia Delker, Patricia Bender, Paula Riff, Rita Koehler, Ronna Schary, Sandra Klein, Sara Silks, Shari Rhode Trennert, Susan Huber, Socorro Mucino, Tami Bone, Theresa Tarara, Valerie Burke, Vicki Reed, Vicky Stromee, and Yvette Meltzer

An online gallery of the selected works can be seen here. Exhibition catalogs, beautifully designed by Meg Birnbaum, are available for purchase here. There was also a lovely feature on Lenscratch about the exhibit.

Header images: Marcy Palmer, Marti Corn, Patricia Bender