(a) relation of body to water

North Seattle College Art Gallery presents:
(a) relation of body to water

Ethan Bickel
Sheila Coppola
Mayumi Hamanaka
Gene Gentry McMahon
Natalie Niblack
Joaquin Palting
Samantha Scherer
Jennifer Shaw
Tracy Simpson

Curated by Amanda Knowles

Water is a multifaceted and, of course, fluid proposition and as we approach it the relationship builds in complication. Through dependance, power, comfort, worship, fear, and the many ways we envision this natural resource our connections and viewpoints multiply. (a) relation of body to water is a group exhibition of work by artists who have looked to the entwined relationship of water and people. This exhibition supports these relationships.

Among the pieces in this show are Mayumi Hamanaka’s Invisible Lands which presents what the sea has stolen and given back as gifts, redistributing wealth. Jen Shaw’s Flood State expresses the uncertainty of living in Louisiana where humans and water are constantly at odds. Ethan Bickel swims in the waters surrounding Seattle as a daily healing practice and his photographs document his interaction. All of the artists in this exhibition delve into our ties to water and what we imbue it with.

September 26 – November 4, 2022

North Seattle College
9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA 98103

Gallery Hours are Mon-Thur 11am-5pm & Fri 11am-2pm