The Space Between


This series is about childhood, but it is also about the complexities of being a parent. As my children explore the world with wild abandon I observe with camera poised, balanced between protection and permission.

I work from a place of intuition, capturing the action as it unfolds, and stealing sidelong glances at the details of our environments. The images are juxtaposed to create an introspective narrative, traversing the spaces between shadow and light, memory and reality, delight and disquiet.


Back Door, 2009
Belly, 2009
Mason on Deck, 2009
Flag, Enon, 2012
Burning Chair, 2011
Basketball Hoop, 2014
Landing, 2009
After Isaac, 2012
Battlefield, 2013
Clover, 2013
Claudio in Truck, 2013
Cone, 2009
Flag, 2009
Constantinople Street, 2013
Fireworks, 2013
Mason with Towel, 2012
Fish + Beads, 2012
Mason in Trashpile, 2012
Hand, 2008
Cyclone, 2009
Kaitlyn and Cade in Gravel, 2006
Mason at River's Edge, 2009
Mud Gloves, 2009
Trampoline, 2014
Fruit Bag and Shadow, 2010
Tchoupitoulas Street, 2014
Vampire, 2011
Thomas Spitting, 2013
Steve, Bogue Chitto, 2011
Redfish and Drum, 2009
Stickers, 2012