These studies focus on minute elements of the landscape, both tame and wild, and its creatures, both living and in repose. Working with a modified plastic camera, I shoot from the hip, honing in on details, textures and light. This project began in earnest after Hurricane Katrina, when weekend excursions into nature proved a salve, offering respite from scenes of destruction throughout the city. Listening to the land was a grounding reminder that though nature could wreak havoc it was also resilient and filled with small wonders. From the seeds of a spent rose, to a bee in the act of pollinating, these intimate depictions of flora and fauna serve as a personal catalog of natural ephemera and a nod to the tonic of wildness.

Banana Spider #3, 2006
Curly Vine, 2006
Frog, 2010
Dragonfly, 2008
Fungus, 2009
Crane Fly in Repose, 2005
Maple Leaves, 2006
Mourning Dove, 2010
Ginger Bud, 2006
Walking Wasp #3, 2011
Nest, 2006
Plumbego, 2006
Lizard, 2008
Sunflower, 2008
Talon + Shadow, 2011
Wing, 2011
Three Mushrooms, 2005
Wasp, 2008
Wildflower, 2006
Winged Insect, 2011
Star Anise, 2008
Moth, 2011